The Band

Which kind of music do you play?
Aha, what’s that, something like the Beach Boys?
Uhmm, not exactly….

Well, THE RAZORBLADES have heard this dialogue a thousand times.

The three piece from Wiesbaden / Germany offers high energy surf punk that ranges from the Californian twang of Dick Dales to the surf punk of the Turbo ACs to modern rockabilly à la Brian Setzer. Wild, sweaty, energetic and faster than the police allows… sounds like DICK DALE on speed, the Pulp Fiction soundtrack in turbo mode or a 120 mph car chase on the California coast with loud punk rock on the car radio…no seatbelt attached!

An ecstatic stage show and loud guitars are included for free 🙂

Since 2002, the trio around mastermind Rob Razorblade has been driving along the world’s highways and has impressed people at over 700 concerts in a wide variety of locations: sweaty clubs, on the beach in Huntington Beach, in a Roman fort or at a rock’n’roll wrestling show. Everywhere people danced to Rob Razorblade’s oceanic guitar melodies and ended the evening with ringing ears and a huge grin on their face.

Without stylistic blinders, THE RAZORBLADES not only inspire die-hard surfheads on 9 albums, but also make skaters, rockabillys, punk rockers, skins and indie boys and girls happy…

So if you still think THE RAZORBLADES sound like the Beach Boys, check out one of their shows!


Rob Razorblade: guitar, vocals

Randy Razorblade: bass, vocals

Raymond Razorblade: drums, vocals